The Magical Additional Doses and Provide Chain Optimization – Marginal REVOLUTION


As pharmacists started vaccinations utilizing the Pfizer vaccine a few of them found that it was attainable to extract a sixth and even seventh dose from a regular 5-dose vial. The place had been the additional doses coming from? The fortuitous discovery was not on account of over-filling. The vials had been 5-doses vials utilizing normal syringes. However a few of the vaccine distribution websites had entry to low dead-volume syringes, syringes that depart much less vaccine trapped between the plunger and needle — the “useless quantity” — after a shot is given. Thus, much less vaccine was wasted within the syringe and extra accessible for placing into arms utilizing the low dead-volume syringes.

That is fairly exceptional. Rising vaccine provide by 20% by constructing extra factories may price billions. We must always try this, it could be value it. However on this case, we managed to extend provide by at the very least 20% use a comparatively cheap redesign of the syringe. What this means is the significance of considering alongside your complete provide chain for alternatives for optimization.

The catch? Not all syringes supplied by Operation Warp Pace and Pfizer are low dead-volume syringes so not each vaccine distribution web site is getting the additional doses. We do want to take a position extra within the syringe provide chain.


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