That was then, that is now – Marginal REVOLUTION


Many professors at universities routinely quizzed their college students too, though not as generally as college at smaller schools did.  [In 1910]…a questionnaire of College of Chicago college revealed that 25 of 122 replying professors gave some form of quiz every day; 31 gave them every week, and 10 others did so each different week.  The next yr, in 1911, a survey of 188 economics professors across the nation confirmed that 171 of them employed “oral quizzes” at school; solely 60 of them used written checks.  Surveying undergraduates alongside college, the 1910 College of Chicago survey discovered that 4 of 5 college students favored written checks over oral ones.

That’s from Jonathan Zimmerman’s fairly fascinating The Amateur Hour: A History of College Teaching in America.


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