r/shares – Baidu might make, BlackBerry QNX the Android of the Auto business…. $BB


Baidu might make, BlackBerry QNX the Android of the Auto business….

Take a look at the diagram which reveals that BlackBerry QNX s the OS…. NIO can be a Baidu companion…

BlackBerry QNX selected as the OS

In April 2017, Baidu launched its Apollo undertaking, an open supply platform for autonomous driving software program. The platform combines various instruments — together with information, APIs, and open supply code — that builders can use totally free to carry autonomous driving merchandise to market. In some ways, Apollo resembles Google’s Android Open Supply Mission (AOSP), Google’s open software program platform for a cell working system (OS) that launched in 2007. The thought for AOSP emerged after Apple launched its first iPhone, when Google determined it wanted to enter the cell realm to forestall customers from switching to a different search engine on their cell gadgets. Moderately than launching its personal smartphone, Google targeted solely on software program. The corporate used an open supply platform partly to make it simpler for third events to develop suitable apps. The thought course of was, the extra third-party apps out there, the extra interesting telephones working on Android software program can be for customers. This strategy helped Google scale Android quickly. In line with Gartner, Android made up 86% of the worldwide cell market in 2017, up considerably from 0% ten years earlier.



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