From my e mail, on QAnon – Marginal REVOLUTION


That is maybe a bit whacky, however alongside similar-ish traces to the uniqueness theory, I’ve been questioning whether or not QAnon’s huge differentiator is it’s comparative defensibility, powered by its complexity.

Should you settle for that social actions want their legitimacy-granting myths and “narratives” to carry up for a minimum of so long as they’re area of interest or in any other case unacceptable to the mainstream, and that one of many massive results of TV and the web is to ease (and encourage) the voicing and vast dissemination of counter-narratives, then maybe you need to anticipate the very best performing actions which do emerge to have key memes which cluster at both finish of the “obscure -> exact” axis.

Sitting at one of many two extremes is an effective way to outlive in an ideologically adversarial surroundings: vagueness provides converts a solution to dismiss assaults out of hand (at the price of charge of development and cohesiveness, maybe. Crypto could be an instance), whereas extremely detailed and effectively outlined ideas (particularly when arduous to entry) makes it too costly for outsiders to construct a case which is able to really feel coherent and convincing to insiders.

QAnon is kind of the cocktail, with its nameless founder (can’t assault the credibility of an nameless poster with no accessible historical past!), extremely detailed but straightforward to wield lore transmitted by way of phrase of mouth on semi-private Fb teams or in individual, no straightforward experiments which increase inner contradictions (the downfall of flatearthers), and the extremely emotionally potent mixture of corruption and baby abuse.

Are there actually any competing teams which supply something remotely as enticing, all encompassing, and seemingly (to insiders) unassailable?

Will likely be attention-grabbing to see if it loses power over time. I think there shall be sufficient occasions which might be interpreted as confirming key factors over the following 10 years for it to continue to grow. Its charge of conversion can also be fairly unimaginable, in comparison with earlier cults/religions.

That’s from Arnaud.


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