Weblog and Substack contest winners – Marginal REVOLUTION


Up to now there are three:

1. Anton Howes for his Substack Age of Invention.  He’s a historian of invention, usually however not solely specializing in the eighteenth century, right here is Anton on Twitter.  As a separate matter, don’t overlook Anton’s wonderful latest e-book Arts & Minds: How the Royal Society of Arts Changed a Nation.

2. Works in Progress.  Right here is their About page: “Works in Progress is a brand new on-line journal devoted to sharing novel concepts and tales of progress, and options unique writing from a few of the most fascinating thinkers on this planet.”  The foremost people behind Works in Progress are Sam Bowman, Saloni Dattani, Ben Southwood, and Nick Whitaker, all with bios on the earlier hyperlink, all sturdy mental forces.

Be aware additionally: “Works in Progress is at all times on the lookout for new writers for upcoming points and our weblog. Attain out if you wish to discuss writing for us, with a brief abstract or summary of your piece.”

3. Alice Evans, lecturer at King’s School London.  Right here is Alice on Twitter.  She is engaged on “”THE GREAT GENDER DIVERGENCE” What explains world variation in gender relations?” and right here is her related blog on that same topic.  Right here is her famous post on gender relations in north vs. south India.  Her dwelling web page additionally hyperlinks to her podcast.

I do anticipate there will probably be additional awards, and I’ll maintain you posted (right here is the original announcement).  Should you simply began writing a weblog and submitted, you should still be within the working for the longer term. Within the meantime, congratulations to those winners!


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